Mel & Jody - Stanley Park, Vancouver


Luxury Photographer and Creative Director of Beautiful Life Studios

"Chris was such a blast to work with. He made us feel so comfortable and we completely trusted his vision and creativity. He captured the most amazing and beautiful shots and it felt like we were just hanging with a friend."

-Melanie Emyln

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He did two shoots for us. One daytime, outdoor and then one inside during our surprise wedding party. He captured shots of everyone there. Tons of candids, which are my favourite. His editing style is on point and he captured the moments of that day beautifully. I will 100% recommend and work with Chris again. Top Notch guy. 

Mel & Jodi

About Chris


My name is Chris Conti and I am a Vancouver based Photographer. I specialize in Weddings, Portraits, and Events in addition to being a professional Graphic Designer.

I have been shooting professionally since 2013 and my goal with every picture is to capture the spark and life of the person in my frame.


I employ a photojournalistic approach to my work, with a little direction in-between.


I believe that collaboration with my clients is the key to building portraits that last a lifetime .