Mel & Jodi - Vancouver

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Surprise Weddings and Vancouver Beauty.

Mel and Jody's wedding was one for the ages. Reported on in numerous publications, over and over, the wedding took everyone by surprise.

Originally the couple had wanted a destination wedding the following year, however due to an unexpected move out of Vancouver because of his job, Jody and Mel had another idea. They invited all their friends and family to an event at The Anza Club which was supposed to be an engagement party for the couple. However, Mel told all the guests that the engagement party was a sham, and it was actually a surprise party for Jody, celebrating his 40th birthday. But the surprise was on the guests, as they were actually there to see a wedding.

There were actually two ceremonies that day, as a small group (including TLC's The Property Brothers) that helped plan the event watched Mel and Jody officially tie the knot in a beautiful small ceremony in Stanley Park. We used the park as the location for the portrait photos and then made our way to get ready for the night. Want to see how it turned out? Scroll below to see.